Dutch lessons

People who are living in Holland temporarily, for either a short time or a longer period, often feel the need for a greater knowledge of the Dutch language. They would like to take part in Dutch society, or they are just curious about the language.

Employers may wish to hire a professional teacher to increase the Dutch skills of their employees.

Are you looking for a professional Dutch teacher?

In the historical, wonderful city of Delft, my business ‘Dijk van een taal’ gives every opportunity to learn this beautiful language.

As a teacher I got more than 25 years of experience. Strength is put on style and grammar during the lessons. Beside that, the social and cultural contexts, in which the language is used, are also of  main importance. A language is finally something to use on a daily basis. Personal attention is being given to all your requests and questions. You can decide on your tempo.

I give private lessons and lessons for small groups of up to four participants. Of course, I am open to all your suggestions and necessities.

I  hope to welcome you at my place.

Alien van der Werf